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Touching Solar Panel

Why Go Solar?

There are plenty of reasons to install solar panels on your home but here are our top three. Explore our other pages to learn how a solar panel system can become your next Arizona home investment.

Solar Saves Money

Each year your electric bill increases due to inflation. A solar panel system will help mitigate this rise in price of electricity. By generating your own power you can eliminate/reduce your electric bill and save yourself money each month. With time, this money saved will make up the cost of the solar panel system!

Do Your Part

The world is moving towards renewable energy. Non-renewable resources are limited in nature and cannot be depended on forever. By installing a solar panel system on your Arizona home, you can live proudly knowing that you are doing your part to create a more sustainable future and make energy more abundant.

Tax Incentive

Both the Arizona state and U.S. federal government are incentivizing homeowners to invest in solar panel systems. The federal government is paying for 30% of your solar panel system through a tax deductible. Each state has their own incentive as well and here in Arizona it is an additional $1000 to each homeowner who finances or buys a solar panel system.

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