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  • How Does Financing Solar Panels Work?
    Solar panels can be financed easily through "clean energy loans" with competitive rates and no income verification. These loans stick with the property, making them ideal for homeowners who might move. Plus, there are no prepayment penalties, allowing for flexible repayment options.
  • Can You Produce Too Much Energy with Solar?
    No worries about producing too much energy! Any excess energy gets sent back to the grid, and you get paid for it. You can also add a battery to store extra energy for those cloudy days or nighttime use.
  • How Much Equity Do Solar Panels Add to Your Home?
    Solar panels typically boost your home’s equity by 5-10%. But the real star of the show is the significant savings on your electric bill, making solar a wise investment.
  • What is the Lifespan of Solar Panels?
    Solar panels come with a robust 25-year warranty, but they often last much longer. Expect a small decrease in energy production each year, but in sunny Phoenix, they perform exceptionally well for decades.
  • What is the Main Disadvantage of a Solar Panel System?
    The biggest downside? Some folks don’t like the look of panels on their roof. But there are sleek options like ergosun solar shingles, though in rare instances HOA rules might apply.
  • Can You Sell Your Home with a Solar Panel Loan?
    Absolutely! Solar loans are fully transferable to the new homeowner, provided they agree to assume the contract. Selling your home with solar is smooth and hassle-free. A solar lease is not always transferrable, so always be mindful to take attention to the lease agreement.
  • Can Renters Switch to Solar Power?
    Unfortunately, only homeowners can install solar systems. But renters can always chat with their landlords about the potential savings and benefits of going solar.
  • Can I Power My Entire Home with Solar Panels?
    Yes, you can! Many Phoenix homes run entirely on solar power. We recommend a consultation with one of our solar experts to design the perfect system for your needs.
  • What is the Installation Time for a Solar System?
    From start to finish, the installation takes about 30-60 days due to permitting. The actual installation only takes about 3-4 hours, followed by a 14-day inspection period to ensure everything is up to code.
  • Do I Need a New Roof for Solar Panels?
    Your existing roof just needs to be in good shape. If it’s time for a new roof, it can be financed along with your solar panels and still qualify for government tax incentives. Luckily, we are partnered with experienced local roofers, just in case you need someone who can help you with your roof.
  • What are the Risks of Installing Solar Panels?
    Rest easy with our comprehensive warranties covering your roof, solar system, and installation process. We ensure everything is installed to the highest standards, minimizing any risks.
  • How Do You Maintain a Solar Panel System?
    Solar panels are low maintenance and come with warranties to cover any issues. They’re built to last and perform well with minimal upkeep.
  • Do Solar Panels Work on Cloudy Days or When Covered in Dust?
    Yes, they do! Solar panels still produce energy even when it’s cloudy or dusty. Monsoon rains usually clean them off, but a quick rinse with a garden hose works too.
  • How Long Does It Take to Pay Off Solar Panels?
    Typically, you can recoup your costs through energy savings in about 4-6 years. Loans are usually for 25 years, but with the right system, you start saving immediately.
  • What are the Risks of Solar Panels on Your Home?
    Our panels come with a 25-year warranty covering equipment, labor, and production, along with a 10-year roof warranty. We've got you covered for any potential issues, ensuring your investment is secure.
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