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How Solar Works?

1.  Rain or shine, sunlight radiates onto your home.

2. Photovoltaic Solar Panels (or modules) harness the energy in a raw form, called Direct Current (DC) energy. 

3. A electrical inverter transforms the energy from DC to AC (Alternating current). Houses can only run off of AC energy.


4. The AC energy then goes through your main electrical panel in your home. This electrical panel acts as a computer and tells the energy where to go.

5. The energy that your home needs to function will be utilized first. Energy will be sent from the main electrical panel to the rest of your home.


6. Additional energy that is not needed for immediate use, will next go to a storage battery. Not all home PV solar systems have a storage battery.


7. Lastly, any extra solar energy that your home has left over will go through a Bi-Directional Utility Meter. This is a meter that will allow for energy to be sold back to the utility company, in a process called net-metering. Typically the utility companies issue credits for the electricity which in turn will be applied to your bill at a future date.

8. The energy that is bought back from the utility company will be sent back to the electrical grid for other homes to use.

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