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Why we recommend the Tesla Powerwall

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Two primary companies offer backup batteries for solar: LG and Tesla. Both companies make batteries that perform their intended function. That function is solely to store excess electricity that your home PV solar panels have harnessed from the sun. So, if both batteries can store energy, then why would a homeowner elect to spend a few thousand dollars more on a Tesla Powerwall?

Phoenix residential solar panels underneath sun

This is what 99% of homeowners do not know about solar storage batteries. Tesla and LG both have warranties on their products. These warranties cover the equipment, performance, and functionality. Hopefully, you never have to claim your warranty, but if you do, you will have a night and day difference between the two companies.

Tesla’s technology self-monitors its system and performance. If the battery’s production dips below its guaranteed amount, Tesla will automatically send out a new battery to be installed. This is free of charge and most of the time the homeowners don’t even realize that their battery is underperforming. Take in mind Tesla is basically a battery company, it's what they do best. Lastly, the Tesla app that monitors the solar system is really fun to play with and I have found that homeowners enjoy the functionality of the application much more than LG’s counterpart.

solar panels on Phoenix home powering battery

With LG, you will get a completely different experience. They do not automatically send out anything if your system does underperform, including any type of notification. I have seen firsthand homeowners that do not realize that their battery is faulty. Once homeowners realize the issue, they have to then begin working with LG customer service. Their customer service department is not as good as Tesla's. Here at Phoenix Valley Solar, we have seen LG take a few weeks to send out a new battery. This is bad news for a home whose battery has stopped working.

Both companies have batteries that perform almost all the time. They both have warranties that will be adhered to. It is unlikely that you will ever have to claim a warranty on any part of your solar system. The fact of the matter is that while it is unlikely that your battery will ever break, it is still a possibility. This article is simply to illustrate the nuances as to why we recommend spending a few extra dollars, for peace of mind, on a Tesla Powerwall.


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