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What Is The Cost of Solar?

Wondering about the simplest way to estimate your solar roof cost here in Phoenix, Arizona?

The cost of your solar roof in Phoenix comprises panel expenses, along with additional equipment like inverters and batteries, plus the labor involved. Most homeowners can look forward to benefiting from tax credits, rebates, and incentives that substantially trim costs.

Factors Influencing Your Phoenix Solar Roof Cost Here's a breakdown of the key elements that determine your solar roof cost in Phoenix:

Solar Panels

Solar panel costs are typically gauged in terms of watts. Remember, quality counts. Opting for the cheapest panels may not guarantee efficiency or longevity. An interesting option for homeowners is solar shingles, especially if you're also considering a roof replacement. Tesla's Solar Roof, although popular, has witnessed price hikes in 2021 compared to earlier years.

System Size

System size plays a role in the cost per watt of your solar installation. Bigger systems naturally entail higher costs compared to smaller ones, but they come with a lower per-watt cost. Your solar system's size is a pivotal factor dictating your solar roof cost in Phoenix. Utilize a free solar size calculator to determine the right system size for your home.


Inverters are crucial as they convert direct current (DC) into alternating current (AC) electricity for your home. You can choose between microinverters, serving one or two panels, and string inverters, which handle multiple panels simultaneously. While most systems require only one string inverter, adding power optimizers to string inverter setups can be advantageous. Both options have pros and cons; consulting your solar contractor will help determine the best fit.


Though not a top priority for grid-connected systems, energy storage can be advantageous. For homes with limited or no grid connection, batteries ensure power during sunlight-free periods. While previous setups involved multiple lead-acid batteries, single wall-mount units now provide equivalent storage capacity. Batteries significantly influence your solar roof cost in Phoenix.

Labor and Miscellaneous

Costs Labor charges for solar installation vary across contractors, often dependent on system size and setup complexity. Permit costs are integral to substantial installations and vary based on location.

Tax Incentives and Benefits

As of 2023, the Investment Tax Credit (ITC) offers a 30% tax rebate.

In navigating your Phoenix solar journey, you're not only embracing clean energy but also unlocking potential savings and contributing to a greener future for our desert community.


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