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Tips for finding the right solar company in Phoenix

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

How do you choose the right solar company in Phoenix?

Solar companies are made up of teams that include different aspects like sales, installation, consultation, and financing.

This information should help you identify what to look for when searching for the right solar company in Phoenix.

Solar System Size

Your energy use will determine how big of a system you will need to support your energy use here in phoenix. Solar panels (or modules) vary in output, which makes it important to understand what size panels you are going to put on your home and how many you need. Furthermore, it's important to take into consideration the direction of your roof, as well as areas that are shaded. Here in Phoenix, sunshine is everywhere but this is still key.

Work with a Solar Expert

Every homeowner in the Phoenix Valley has been pitched solar, a few times. The problem is most of these "solar pros" actually do not know the nuances of how solar works here in Phoenix. Working with an expert is going to ensure that you get a properly designed system with the appropriate technology.

Financing Options

It is important to understand the financing options for your solar system. Ask the representative you are working with what the different financing options are. A credible solar company in Phoenix will have multiple options available. Furthermore, ask about the lender fee, not just the interest rate. Usually the lower the rate, the higher the bank's fee is.

System Warranty/Lifespan

There are three warranties that you should ask about before you sign a solar deal for your Phoenix home, find out the production guarantee, roof warranty, and equipment warranty. The production guarantee is going to ensure that your solar panels produce a specific amount of energy each month. The roof warranty is going to cover any leaks or damages that could arise from the installation. The equipment warranty will cover if any of your home solar system equipment malfunctions or is damaged. All three of these should be physically expressed in a contract before you sign up to put solar on your Phoenix home. At the absolute minimum, you want a production warranty of 80% after 20 years, a roof warranty of 10 years, and an equipment warranty of 20 years.

Experienced Installers

Here in Phoenix, some companies offer in-house solar panel installation, while others contract it out. Either way can work just great, however, you want to ensure that the installation team has experience installing in the Phoenix Valley. There are Arizona certifications (R-11) and federal certifications (NABCEP) that are mandatory for contractors to have to work on your roof.

Top Tier Customer Support

In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your solar system here in Phoenix, you want to make sure there is a team of customer support representatives available to help you with your problem.

Whether you go with Phoenix Valley Solar for your home solar system, or another company, these tips will help you find the right team to help you accomplish your energy goals!


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