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Quick Energy Saving Tips for Phoenix Residents

For most of the year, Arizona has some of the best weather in the country. Unfortunately, the summer months can be brutal, especially on our electric bills. We created this list of affordable ways for homeowners to save themselves from unnecessary energy usage. While this list is tailored to Phoenix Valley residents, the application is universal.

Switch all your lightbulbs to LED lightbulbs.

These lightbulbs are efficient and they last longer than other types.

Update thermostat.

The thermostat is the brain that controls your heating and cooling. Updating this is a great way to help conserve energy. Most new technology can automatically turn down your energy usage during peak energy hours when electricity can be more expensive.

Use fans in the attic/2nd floor to help circulate air

Without proper air circulation, the air in the elevated areas of your home will heat up to a higher temperature, which makes your AC have to work harder to keep the house cool.

Double up on blinds

New windows can be costly, however, you can get blackout blinds that hang behind your normal decorative blinds. They are barely noticeable to guests and they will help keep your house from heating up.

Try to wait to run high-energy appliances at the beginning and/or end of your day

Running the washing machine or dishwasher in the middle of the day costs more energy.

6) Insulate your home. Make sure that the outside walls of your home are properly insulated. Keeping heat out is the first step in using less AC.

Turn your water heater down

There is a limit on how hot your water heater will heat your water. Usually, the knob is on the water heater itself. Turning this down will save you money on your gas bill.

Update appliances

Older appliances are simply less efficient. This includes large and small appliances.


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