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Off-Grid Home PV Solar System

Updated: Jan 18, 2023

Everyone’s main goal is to eliminate their electric bill. Converting your home to solar power is the first step in gaining electrical independence, however, there are a few things you need to know before making this decision.

phoenix solar panel in a valley garden

Before we get into how you can disconnect from your local power grid, lets talk about why most people who have home PV solar systems choose to remain connected to their local grid. Staying connected to the power grid gives you an emergency backup of energy in case you need additional energy. If you use more electricity than your solar system can provide, you have a direct supply. This can save you from having to purchase a backup generator. When that occurs, you will receive an electric bill for the amount of electricity that was used. When you generate more electricity than your home can use, many solar companies will buy back the electricity as long as you are connected to the power grid. This saves you money in two ways. First, you can get paid for the additional electricity. Secondly, you do not have to buy a backup battery. Batteries can be quite expensive, with the Tesla Powerwall being priced upwards of $12,000.

If you decide that going off the grid is right for you, be aware of local permits that may be required. Here in Arizona, you are allowed to go off-grid as long as you can get approved for it from your local municipality; this includes the Phoenix Valley. Furthermore, you will want to meet with one of our solar experts to design a home PV solar system that will support your energy needs. Off-grid solar systems will typically have more than one battery, as well as additional solar panels to support increased energy use in the future.

To learn more, schedule a meeting with one of our solar experts!


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