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Battery vs Generator for Phoenix Residents

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

Comparing a generator to a battery backup system for solar energy is especially relevant for folks in Phoenix, Arizona. Let's dive into the details and see which option suits your energy needs, budget, and sustainability goals in our sunny desert environment:

Generator Backup for Solar System:

  1. Power Output and Capacity: Generators can deliver a robust power output, perfect for running heavy appliances and essential systems during those occasional power outages. The generator's capacity, usually measured in kilowatts (kW), varies depending on its size and type.

  2. Fuel Source: Generators can run on different fuels like gasoline, diesel, natural gas, or propane. Consider the fuel source's impact on costs and availability, particularly during our hot summers.

  3. Instant Power: A major perk of generators is their quick startup, ensuring you have power right when the grid goes down. This is crucial to keep critical equipment running smoothly.

  4. Maintenance: Remember, generators need regular maintenance, including oil changes, filter replacements, and occasional servicing to keep them reliable in our desert climate.

  5. Environmental Impact: Depending on the fuel, generators can emit pollutants and noise. This aspect is particularly important in our region, where air quality matters.

  6. Cost: Generators usually have a lower upfront cost compared to a comprehensive battery backup system. However, keep in mind the ongoing expenses related to fuel and maintenance.

Battery Backup Solar System:

  1. Power Output and Capacity: Battery backup systems store extra solar energy generated during our sunny days and release it when needed, like during those monsoon-season power outages. The battery's capacity, measured in kilowatt-hours (kWh), determines how much energy it can store.

  2. Clean Energy: Harnessing energy from your solar panels, battery backup systems are a green option that helps reduce our reliance on non-renewable sources.

  3. Instant Power: Similar to generators, battery backup systems offer instant power during outages. However, the duration of backup depends on the battery's capacity and stored energy.

  4. Maintenance: Battery systems generally require less upkeep compared to generators, making them a more convenient choice in our climate.

  5. Environmental Impact: Battery systems have a smaller environmental footprint as they store and discharge clean energy. Keep in mind the overall lifecycle impact, including production and disposal.

  6. Cost: Battery backup systems tend to have a higher initial cost than generators. However, they can yield long-term savings by optimizing your solar energy use and reducing reliance on the grid.

  7. Scalability: Battery systems can be expanded over time, accommodating your evolving energy needs as our energy landscape changes.

Considerations for Phoenix Residents:

  1. Use Case: If you primarily need power for brief outages or emergencies, a generator might suffice. For a clean, long-term backup solution that maximizes your solar energy use, consider a battery backup system.

  2. Sustainability: Given our commitment to a sustainable future, a battery backup system aligns better with our eco-friendly goals in the Valley of the Sun.

  3. Cost Over Time: While generators may have a lower upfront cost, batteries can bring ongoing savings by storing solar energy and reducing grid reliance, especially as electricity prices fluctuate.

  4. Duration of Backup: Think about how long you need backup power during an outage. Batteries provide power until they're depleted, while generators rely on fuel availability.

  5. Maintenance and Noise: Battery backup systems require less maintenance and operate more quietly than generators, contributing to a peaceful environment.

Making the choice between a generator and a battery backup solar system is personal and depends on your specific needs and circumstances in Phoenix. Seek advice from your local solar and energy experts at Phoenix Valley Solar to find the best solution that aligns with our unique desert conditions and your goals - Schedule


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