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5 Reasons to Invest in a Home Solar System in Phoenix

Does it make sense to invest in home solar power, or is it just a waste of money? 15% of Arizonians currently power their home with solar. Most homeowners decide to go solar because their electric bill is getting out of hand. But, are there other reasons to convert your home to solar power?

5 reasons to switch your Arizona home to solar

Eliminate or reduce electric bill

Electricity is required to live in your home. Without a solar system, homeowners have to pay private electricity companies for their electricity. These companies can raise their rates as they chose, leaving homeowners in a helpless position against high energy bills. When you install a home solar system, you begin to produce your own electricity. This empowers you to eliminate your electric bill! If you do not install a system big enough to eliminate your bill, you will still be saving money by reducing your monthly bill.

Increase property value

When buying a home, a solar system adds value in multiple ways. Firstly, the future homeowner will not have to worry about an electric bill. Secondly, the home has an increased value from the value of the actual solar system itself.

Technology is advanced and refined

Solar systems last a minimum of 25 years. The window of opportunity and profitability is wide enough that no matter what, a solar system is guaranteed to save homeowners money. Furthermore, modern solar technology has been around for over a decade and the systems are not as expensive as one might think, relative to how much money you can save.

Contribute to a sustainable future

Currently, the electricity that comes from the national power grid is generated from the consumption of fossil fuels. This is slowly destroying our environment. Installing a solar system in your home will harness the energy that is radiating down on your home every day. Increasing the amount of energy that our world gets from solar will help establish a sustainable future.

The government will pay you + no cost upfront

Our electrical grids are well over 100 years old. The government is incentivizing homeowners to go solar in two main ways. Firstly, They will buy more than 30% of your system (click here for more about the the tax credit) Secondly, you can install a home solar system with no cost upfront. The way this works is you will switch out your electric bill with a monthly payment towards your solar system. For more information check out our blog post on why the government is buying your solar system.

To find out if solar is right for you, sit down with one of our solar pros for a free consolation!


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