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3 Reasons why Homeowners lack trust in Solar

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Most people I talk to will tell me that they are curious about how solar panels work but something about solar panels just doesn't seem to be right. It is no secret that consumer confidence in solar panels has plenty of room for growth. I'll be honest, before I learned about solar, I was the same way. The truth is that technology the modern home solar panels systems are quite efficient. The solar panels last an incredibly long time (excluding any physical damages), and most systems require no routine maintenance. So, why would consumer confidence be low for a technology that helps the environment and works well?

solar panel used by phoenix homeowner

Let us talk about why the general public has a lack of trust in home solar systems. Originally when the government made its first big push to convert homes to solar, they created PPA loans. These were solar panel systems that were leased, not owned. These loans were a detriment to consumer confidence. Many homeowners who lease their systems have a much lesser benefit than those who own their systems. Except for some areas in California, the overarching majority of homeowners will have a much greater benefit from owning their solar system. Furthermore, companies found out quickly that if they get teams of door-to-door salespersons to canvas neighborhoods, they can make money quickly. These door-to-door sales teams consist primarily of young kids who do not understand the solar industry. When someone comes to knock on your door who does not know what they are talking about, homeowners naturally began to distrust solar panels. I can remember being pitched a home solar system in 2018 and the kid had no way to answer any of the questions that I asked. I was left with a lack of trust and decided that I definitely did not want to give him my business. Lastly, there are also incidents of improper installations, however, this part of the process is now regulated with city permits, city inspections, and state contract licensing.

phoenix solar panels looked at by family

Many people have been pitched poor solar proposals by uninformed sales representatives. When this happens, the true benefit of solar might not be maximized, and the homeowner is left with the idea that solar panels on their home do not make sense. The truth is that the benefit of solar exists for many homeowners. The only way to find out if there is a tangible benefit for you is by talking with someone who truly understands the industry. Not just about how the loans work, but also how the technology works. If you would like to see if you can save money on your electric bill, consult with one of our solar experts. We will honestly and ethically review your energy use and help you understand if converting your home to solar power is the right decision for you.


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